Euro-Reef CS12-1 In-Sump Skimmer w/ Bubble Blaster Pump $220

Euro-Reef In-Sump Skimmer model CS12-2.

Includes Bubble Blaster HY-3000S pump.  Also includes Euro-Reef Gate Valve Outlet Assembly 1-1/2″.

This awesome skimmer just looks impressive.  We used it for 2-3 years before upgrading to this new pump in preparation to use it on our 315g dream tank.  This pump has only has about 2 months use before we tore down the tank.  We used it on our 220g tank which was VERY heavily loaded w/ SPS and it worked extremely well!   Wholesale was $820 – without the pump.  All equipment is in great shape!

Specifications:   Height: 30″    Base: 17″ x 24″    Diameter: 12″   Recommended Tank Size: 500+ gal. You will need to have at least a 24″ wide sump for this skimmer to sit in.

Euro-Reef RS-80 Skimmer w/o pump $60

Euro-Reef RS-80 Skimmer is in great condition.  We loved this skimmer.  It’s a great size, easy to set up and easy to maintain.  It has a fitting to drain skimmate to a separate container (we used a 2 liter bottle).  It’s rated for a much larger tank, but we successfully used it on our 120g cube tank reef FULL of SPS corals.  Would work great for smaller tanks also.  Pump shown is not included.

David’s Reef Custom Sulphur Nitrate Reactor + New Sulphur Pellets $25

Sulphur Nitrate reactor custom built by David’s Reef.  Works well, looks nearly new.  Includes 1+ bags of new sulphur pellets.  This is a really nice reactor, not just limited to using sulphur.  Sulphur can help to keep your nitrates down.  I have been known to overfeed my fish and corals, so this really helped out by limiting algae growth.

Eheim Pump #1250 $25

1 used Eheim #1250 pump.  We just checked it and it’s still running great.

The pump on the right is sold.
The plastic housing on the left pump has a chipped off piece on the housing, but it doesn’t impact performance.  I believe you can still get replacement needle wheel parts.

Automatic Remote Water Top-off System $80

System engineered to automatically top off water in your aquarium from a remote tank source of saltwater.  It uses a Bulk Reef Supply peristalic pump and a water supply plumbed and wired to the sump with a float switch.  It features flashing LED indicators during operation at both the remote tank and display tank, along with power outlets to control additional pumps that may be used during water changes.  Sump float switch is mounted on a magnet to easily adjust the water level.  It works great!  Very reliable!  It has saved us from lots of what would have otherwise been disasters.

Parts include:  Bulk Reef Supply peristalic pump Model MP2-B.

Watch the video below to see how it works (download it first).


Continuous Water Change System $325

This is a system to make small water changes each day using pre-mixed saltwater.  It prepares the saltwater, stores it, and dispenses small water changes as specified.  It’s operation is based on a Stenner MP1004 dosing pump.  Includes two blue tanks, one for RO storage, one for saltwater mix.  Both have individual float switches and controls to integrate to a reef controller.  (We used a ReefKeeper Elite controller – also for sale separately.)  Saltwater mixing tank uses a Custom Sea Life Titanium Velocity T4 pump.

250w Metal Halide Ballast $10

250w metal halide ballast.  We have always loved metal halides to get the very best fast growth and color out of SPS corals for coral farming.  We used to run them on all our SPS tanks.  LED lights are nice, but they don’t really compare.

Note:  The reflector in the picture on the right was sold separately.

All the ballast parts fit inside the blue ballast box.  Heavy blue metal base on this ballast.  Very limited use.