The Stand

The stand construction is finally underway!  The design phase took a while, but we are in the fabrication phase now.  I want to thank Robert Wright, a fellow reefer and steel fabrication engineer in south Florida for some incredible advice and design work on the stand. Cutting the steel for the aquarium stand I purchased all of the steel needed, but cutting to exact lengths was going to add some significant expense to the project. With some borrowed industrial grade tools from local reefer friend Iggy, the steel is all cut to exact lengths and all that is left is some  miscellaneous fabrication and trimming. The next step is getting it to over to Dave the welder, a guy that builds race cars, monster trucks and a lot of other neat stuff.

making gussetsOne of the challenges was to cut 32 5″ gussets.  Gussets are triangular pieces of steel that are welded in the corners in order to reinforce the joints against lateral stresses.  Using the bandsaw, a jig was made to hold the pieces at the correct angle to make the 45° cuts. There is a total of 346 lbs of steel.