The tank has been completed and waiting at Reef Savvy for a number of months now, and the stand is finally ready. Chad Newman offered to take a day off and drive me down to Miami, and Al Schreiber came along for the ride.  It was a good thing we had the help loading the tank at the Miami end.  We had one end of the tank on a lift and it took everything all four of us could do to raise one end of the tank level with the pickup bed.

This 7 foot monster weighs 700 lbs.   (The tank, not Felix)





We backed up to the front door at home, which shortened the distance for the carry significantly.  We used a sheet of plywood and a sheet of 2″ foam to cushion the ride. Chad’s big duelie truck was the perfect ride for the trip (except for the amount of diesel we burned).

Here is the start of the lift.  We have eight big boys here, and we needed every one of them!




Here we are almost in place. Watch the fingers!




What a relief to see the tank in its final resting place.




A real big thanks to the moving crew- Al Schreiber, Michael Harnett, James Goodyear, Iggy Galarza, Chad Newman, Ed Newman, David Hill, Rick Loewen (me), and Skippy Dooling.

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