The Angélique hardwood was supplied by Amazon Exotic Hardwoods, owned by fellow reefer James Lie.  James has a tank of similar size for which he built a stand using Zebrawood.

The lumber is 10′ lengths of 6″ x 1″


A long time friend from my sailing buddies, Kenny Eads is a master cabinet builder and has a shop in Casselberry.  He is my Jedi Master of woodworking, and allowing me to use his shop to build the cabinetry.

Here we have the boards cut to the cabinet door height.


Each cabinet door will have four boards glued together.  Because the planer will not handle the width of the full door, I am gluing two boards which will be planed, then glued to the other half.



The two boards are now planed to a smooth surface.





Two sets are glued together for the full cabinet door width.





The door is now cut square with the side with a sliding jig on the table saw to make the corner a perfect 90° angle




The door is flipped over and trimmed to the exact width set by a stop block.





Hinges were mounted to the doors, then the hinge attachments ere made to the stand.  Drilling and tapping 56 holes in 3/16″ and 1/4″ steel was quite tedious.




The stand looks much more finished with all the doors mounted.  The corners and styles are not yet fitted.




Here we are sawing a board to be used for the trim between the tank and doors.  We are using a bandsaw with a power feeder to yield two 3/8″ boards from one plank.