Stand Completed

At last, the stand and woodworking is complete.  I had a lot of people ask when there would be water in the tank, and as you can see there is indeed water in the tank.


The hinges are mounted to the stand with #8 stainless steel machine thread screws.  They are spring closing hinges that act when the door is about 6″ open.  They work nicely with standard magnetic latches without using the striker plate.  The hinges also allow the door to be completely removed.  Drilling and tapping 40 holes in 3/16″ steel was tedious.The hinges were given a coat of clear acrylic spray to help protect them from the salt environment.

Here is a view of the cabinet door edges.  A groove was cut with the shaper on the edge to allow your fingertips to grip the door when it is against the magnetic catch.






The trim was attached with liquid nail adhesive. A bead of silicone was added on the top side to seal any water drips from the glass.





All of the doors can be opened for service.  They also have removable hinges so the doors may be taken off.