The Tank is Wired

There are two 20A isolated circuits to power the tank, with GFCI breakers installed in the panel.  There are 28 individual power receptacles.


I will be using a Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper Elite to control some functions, so there are 2 PC-4 power units to provide eight controllable outlets.  Cables will be managed by PVC wiring trough.


This shows assembly of the outlets, boxes and associated wiring.



This is a power outlet to make it convenient to plug in a pump, light or tool.  The lower outlet is controlled by a relay that is wired to the water makeup float switch.  This makes a safe and handy way to pump water into the tank when doing a water change.


All of the controllers, power transformers, etc. are attached to the stand with 2″white velcro tape.  It allows easy maintenance access and flexible mounting arrangements.