The Tank Location

Pictured here is our 18 year old FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock) tank before demolition. You can see some plywood and acrylic attached to the back side of the column, a mock-up to help visualize the size of the planned tank.
Old 79 gallon FOWLR tank
The column to the ceiling will be removed along with the wall section under the tank. The new tank will be located in the same area as the old one, but will be 7′ long (the distance from the column to the wall) and 3′ wide instead of the previous 12″. The new tank will be rimless with the lighting suspended from the ceiling with the lighting type yet undetermined.





A view of the old tank from the dining roomThis view from the dining room shows the butler’s pantry on the opposite side of the wall from the tank.  There will be an access panel that will allow maintanence to the Vortec MP-60 circulation pumps.



Before Demolition

This is a view from the back of the living room.  I have constructed a temporary mock- up of plywood and acrylic to get an idea what the new monster will look like.