Check out the used pumps we have available.  Shipping is minimal as these don’t weigh much.  Send me your zip code for an estimate.

Eheim Pump Model #1262 $80

Eheim Pump Model #1262.  This one was had very minimal use and runs well.  We just checked it and it still runs well.  It is an extremely quiet pump.

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2 ea Eheim Pumps #1250 $30 and $35

2 ea used Eheim #1250 pumps.  They both run great.  We just checked it again and it’s still running great.

The pump on the right is in excellent condition $35.
The plastic housing on the left pump has a chipped off piece, but it doesn’t impact the performance.  $30.  I believe you can also get replacement needle wheel parts.



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Marineland NJ1800 Pump (Italian made) $20

Marineland NJ1800 Pump

This is a used Marineland pump.  It’s the Italian made model which is the better design.  In good shape.


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Marineland NJ3000 Pump (Italian made) $30

Used Marineland NJ3000 Pump.  This is the Italian made model, the better design.  Works great!



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